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The idea of doing something again, repeating, reconfiguring the thoughts or
recreating the process one more time— it feels so right.

It is subconscious realization floating all-over my mind that makes me anxious
to do things again and again, perhaps better or different. It is a part of concentration
process when I think about past and future and keep working out how would I do this
if I could have a chance to do it again. If I had spoken about something…
— could I say it again differently or better— or if I repeat my thoughts one more
time, do I repeat it exactly the same, unchanged? Or do I play with intonation or try
to give emphasis to different aspects of the same issue?

For example you organized books on the shelf and it’s done. Is this done the way you
really wanted it? Let’s say you had two books only, that could be easy, you have only
a few options, standing those on the left or on the right, perhaps putting it down flat
one on the top of the other or the other way around. But imagine that there was dozen
books, two by the same author, each one slightly different size and different color spines
plus they are all about different subject matter. One thing is just to put these away,
the other is to put these away so that will make sense for you and perhaps it would
make also sense for the others.

I am constantly configuring algorithms in my mind to check the possibilities, somehow
less mechanic and more sensible about direction in which the possible solution can
be found. Generative process of one of the kind of processor— me.
Oh, I do make some errors from time to time— creating ‘rejects‘— but I am leaving
only these results which I can understand. One could say that I like to be in charge.

The result can be so much different, possibilities can multiply, each time the connection
is made with the point were original idea started and it diverted in unexpected way,
it seems almost like infinity of possibilities.

Is there an end in this process: that is the question… my question.

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